The challenge booklets on environment and health are used to collect all the information available on a specific area, together with the data collected at school.

The booklets helps understand the significance of getting to know your local area from this point of view, using written texts, maps and visualizations of relevant data.

In addition, the workbook provides a guideline helping you to reflect on and a space to writing up what students are committed to do and what they ask to the responsible people to improve their neighborhood and the health of their cities.

In the workbook the following information is included:

  • the rights of younger citizens
  • why a healthy environment is important, especially for them
  • what happens in their neighborhood in terms of land use, the state of air, water and noise pollution
  • which are the tools that municipalities have, to address issues and take practical action
  • which are the best practices to implement in everyday life to improve sustainability
  • which are the scientific disciplines used to address problems related to environment and health: natural sciences, sociology, epidemiology and statistics, etc.

Download here the workbook of the 4 GIOCONDA areas



quaderno_sfide_Napoli_cover_1x1  Le sfide su ambiente e salute a Napoli

quaderno_sfide_Ravenna_cover_1x1 Le sfide su ambiente e salute a Ravenna

quaderno_sfide_Taranto_cover_1x1 Le sfide su ambiente e salute a Taranto

quaderno_sfide_Valdarno_cover_1x1 Le sfide su ambiente e salute nel Valdarno Inferiore




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