Many Agencies and Research Bodies are interested in girls and boys, especially in environmental health matters. International projects are being created to protect them, but they are not usually directly involved in producing knowledge and results. Young people are more exposed to pollution – they eat more, are more active, are growing fast, and in future they will have to take care of the planet. But in general they and their parents are told what they should do: they are not actively involved, listened to nor asked to communicate what they already know or want.

With GIOCONDA we can ask girls and boys: what shall we do together? Not only: we want local administrators to listen to their conclusions and proposals, and to use the results of the research carried out together.
We begin with a questionnaire, administered in the classroom with the help of experienced educators, which measures: risk perception about local environment and health issues and “willingness to pay“.

GIOCONDA boys and girls completed questionnaires in the 8 schools involved during the first year, and in further 8 schools during the Platform test phase.

To better understand how to use the results on “willingness to pay” (WTP) collected in the questionnaires please consult this document.




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