Jack is a young boy at a bus stop. He’s worried: the bus isn’t arriving and he’s afraid he will be late at school. His teacher will be angry. She will call the parents, who will get worried. And his friend Jimmy will be very disappointed not to get back his videogame.


That’s the first scene of an uncompleted theatre script, which develops through other four characters, entering the stage: Jack’s teacher, a technician expert of environmental monitoring, a paediatrician, and the Mayor of the city. They all gather at the bus stop, reflecting on the air pollution and its effect on health, each from his/her own perspective.


The theatre script is the base for a 75 minutes laboratory to discuss about this topic in a simple, constructive and friendly way, with groups of people from different backgrounds and ages (max 25 participants), in a few steps: completion of the script by the participants themselves; performance; elaboration of final recommendations to improve the state of the local environment – and consequently of the health of its inhabitants; their dispatch via mail/local newspapers/social networks to the local decision makers.


The overall objective of the laboratory is to stimulate the discussion among people through a concrete action.


– Download here the instructions to make of “Jack at the bus stop” your local experience
– Download here the script


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