The LIFE KTE EnvHealth network Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in Environment and Health

The LIFE KTE EnvHealth network was established after the LIFE National Thematic Meeting “Participation, risk perception, knowledge transfer and exchange in environment and health” held in Florence, Italy, on 13 April 2016.

During the meeting, eight LIFE projects discussed about governance issues related to the environment and human health. The questions related to Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) among researchers, public administrators and other stakeholders are a priority for each of the participating LIFE. LIFE projects in fact, share the ambition and the imperative to contribute to evidence informed public decisions, taking into account scientific knowledge and demands of the whole society. The network aims at exchanging experiences and enhance the work in progress.

LIFE CHROME, Cross-Mediterranean Environment and Health Network, has already requested the participation, which has been positively received.

Further LIFE projects are invited to join the network by writing to, GIOCONDA Project Manager.


LIFE networking

mapec networking life


Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on children to support public health policies

persuaded networking life


Phthalates and bisphenol A biomonitoring in Italian mother-child pairs: link between exposure and juvenile diseases

HIA21 networking life


Participated assessment of the health, environmental and socioeconomic impacts deriving from the handling of urban waste

med-hiss networking life


Mediterranean Health Interview Surveys Studies: long term exposure to air pollution and health surveillance

GHOST networking life


Techniques to reduce the impact of ghost fishing gear and to improve biodiversity in North Adriatic coastal areas


Aerobiological Information Systems and allergic respiratory disease management



Cross-Mediterranean Environment and Health Network



Mitigation of microplastics impact caused by textile washing processes



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