The main objective of GIOCONDA is to provide European Local Authorities with an innovative methodology that effectively supports policies on Environment and Health involving young people.

The idea was presented to different Italian institutions (Ministry of Education, National Association of Municipalities, Environmental Associations, NGOs, schools), which gave their convinced support.

The main novelty carried by GIOCONDA is the involvement of youth as protagonists of a real and continuative action of participative democracy. Involving young people in decisions regarding environment and health is relevant for several reasons: young people are the most vulnerable subjects to environmental pressures; a lot of scientific research and prevention measures are dedicated to young citizen, but they are not directly involved; they are key-actors for future actions to improve the quality of environment and the health; their perception of environmental risk is an important indicator of perception, attitudes, worries, and wishes of the entire community.

The proposal finds further roots in Parma Declaration on Environment and Health (WHO 2010), with specific commitment to protect children health.

GIOCONDA was carried out combining two monitoring systems: one based on environmental data collection on air and noise pollution in GIOCONDA’s sites, the other based on risk perception of teenagers and their willingness-to-pay (WTP) in relation to environment and health.

Starting from a network of Municipalities and other Local Authorities in four partner locations in Italy (Napoli, Taranto, Ravenna and Lower Valdarno Valley), GIOCONDA developed and tested a Platform to address environment and health risk governance and policies, which can be extended to the European level. It includes a tool that allows decision makers to estimate costs and benefits of policies targeting young individuals’ health, and a tool that provides schools with the opportunity to measure the perception of students about neighborhood environment.

Once GIOCONDA’s tools are regularly adopted by a core of local Authorities and a variety of key professionals at the local level, it will contribute to realize an institutionalized participation of youth in decision-making on environmental issues.

GIOCONDA started in June 2014 and complete its activities at the end of year 2016. After this period, the Platform is available o be used.



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