The main output of GIOCONDA will be an online Platform to address knowledge-based local environmental health policies. The Platform will be made available to decision makers and a wide variety of professional figures at both national and local levels. It will allow to assess the cost-effectiveness of different prevention interventions (e.g. congestion charge in given area, implementation of pedestrian area subsidising the adoption of low carbon emission vehicles, etc) in different contexts (e.g. different environment/ socioeconomic characteristics/population size and density).

The GIOCONDA’s Platform will be used by the 4 Municipalities of the project partners and tested by at least 2 further Municipalities for validating its efficacy. Project partners’ Municipalities are: Naples, defined as a “metropolitan area” – 959.000 inhabitants; Taranto, an industrial city – 198.000 inhabitants; Ravenna, a city characterized by touristy and industry activities – 154.000 inhabitants; the Valdarno area, 4 Municipalities, agriculture and small industry area – 65.000 inhabitants. Testers will be chosen among the Counsellors for Environment at Ferrara, Mantova and Modena Municipalities, who gave their support to GIOCONDA (see attach letters). Acting on these other areas will mean to disseminate GIOCONDA’s results also on a large number of stakeholders and citizens.

Final beneficiaries of the project will be:

  • students, teachers, school staff and parents in each of the 4 areas;
  • citizens among the residents in the neighbourhoods where the schools are located, informed and invited to participate;
  • NGOs, civil society organizations of the cities and the surrounding areas;
  • other communities interested in other areas, especially in other areas where Life projects were or are experienced, at national and European level.

We are working to achieve the following impacts:

  • on decision makers, to enhance the number of public projects supporting the proposal presented by young citizens;
  • prevention programs on noise abatement: participated re-organization of traffic in the cities; identification of measures to avoid noise; isolation via green natural barriers;
  • prevention programs on air pollution: support to cycling projects; spread Pedibus activities; participated re-organization of traffic in the cities.


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