GIOCONDA aims to become a praxis for knowledge-based local environmental policies by involving teenagers. The main means to realize it will be an online Platform that integrates two different methods: an evidence-informed prevention tool, based on an ad hoc environmental monitoring of air and noise, and hazard and risk maps of the sites under study; a risk assessment tool, based on teenagers’ risk perception and Willingness-to-Pay (WTP). The workplan will be developed through the following groups of actions:

  • A first group of actions will provide basic information and will help to set the methodology to develop the tools: an action will be dedicated to set up the Methodological Protocol (A1). At this stage, on the basis of the local knowledge of the partners and the current data, per each of the 4 GIOCONDA’s cities, two areas under different environmental pressures will be identified. In each of the resulting eight subareas, one school will be chosen and involved. The current literature on environmental health and teenagers will be considered (A2), as well as the characterization of the areas from their health and socioeconomic status (A3).
  • The implementation actions will be aimed at producing GIOCONDA’s platform. The starting point will be an ad hoc monitoring of air and noise pollution in the 8 sites (B1); at the same time, different activities in GIOCONDA’s schools will begin (B2): students and parents will be asked to answer one questionnaire addressed to measure their risk perception and one questionnaire to measure their WTP; results of the questionnaires and the hazard and risk maps built in action B3 will be merged; students, parents and teachers will elaborate their recommendations for better environmental health conditions for the local policy makers. The last step will be to merge all the data collected and make them available on the Platform (B4).
  • The monitoring actions C1 and C2 will facilitate the setting up of the platform into an accessible and reproducible tool.
  • In order to make it as accessible as possible and to effectively communicate the project’s achievement, actions “D” provide a set of communication tools, from the website and engagement events to a sustainable final event (see action D6).
  • Actions are planned to provide the best Project Management. They will warrant an effective management and monitoring of the project progress, including technical, scientific and financial management and a permanent networking activity.


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