Gioconda in Terni: schools and local institutions in dialogue

At the blue hall of Palazzo Gazzoli in Terni 120 students of the secondary school of first grade Leonardo Da vinci / Nucula (classes 2 B, 2 AIF, 2H, 3C) and 50 of the Technical Institute Lorenzo Allievi have interacted with the Gioconda coordinator (from the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council), with the Agency for the Environment of Umbria Region, with the Local Health Agency and the Municipality of Terni. The students listened and asked questions about environment and health, and about the projects for a sustainable city that the Municipality will propose to the City Council and citizens. In the coming months, the students will work on environmental and health data and will elaborate recommendations on the subjects, on the city they would like to build. It is about managing mobility, waste, water pollution, soil, noise, public greenery: all boxes of a complex and integrated puzzle that can re-design the city and its liveability according to the desires and requests of the people who live there and build the community.


“GIOCONDA in Terni” was featured on the LIFE Programme website.
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