GIOCONDA in Gioia del Colle (Bari)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at the cloister of the Municipality of Gioia del Colle, will take place the final event of the “Progetto Gioconda: young people count in the decisions on Environment and Health”.

The Project Gioconda, promoted by IFC (Institute of Clinical Physiology) of CNR (National Research Center), involved Classes 1 ^ A, 2 ^ E, and 3 ^ D of the 1st degree Secondary School “Losapio – S. F. Neri” in collaboration with the Municipality of Gioia del Colle and with ARPA Puglia (Regional Agency for the Protection and Prevention of the Environment).

The plan, conceived and addressed to all the Italian schools, is devoted to involve the young people in the decisions taken by local environmental and health administrators through an active and participative democracy action.

All this will end in Gioia del Colle with the submission to the Municipal Administration of a set of proposals for local interventions prepared by the students to prevent and solve environmental and health problems.


Click here to download the press release of the Municipality of Gioia del Colle (BA)