The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health publishes an article on GIOCONDA

An article where the association between noise measurements and the annoyance perceived by children, measured with questionnaires was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.   The LIFE Gioconda project (Young citizens count in the decisions on environment and health), coordinated by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Continua a leggere…


LIFE + project in April 2017: GIOCONDA

The Ministry of the Environment has published as the “Project of the month” in April 2017, the Project LIFE-GIOCONDA, coordinated by the CNR Clinical Physiology Institute in partnership with Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Emilia Romagna (ARPAE), Regional Agency for the Protection of the Apulia (ARPAP), Municipality of Ravenna, Valdarno Inferiore Continua a leggere…


Seminario di presentazione dei risultati scientifici di GIOCONDA

  I risultati scientifici di GIOCONDA verranno presentati martedì 15 novembre presso il CNR di Roma. Nel corso dell’incontro verrà illustrata l’esperienza maturata durante il progetto, il monitoraggio ambientale realizzato, i risultati dei questionari, il percorso educativo e collaborativo degli studenti e di coinvolgimento degli amministratori pubblici. Gli obiettivi del seminario sono quelli di presentare l’esperienza di Continua a leggere…


Final event for schools streaming live

The final event of GIOCONDA takes place today 21st October at the same time in Naples, Ravenna, Taranto and San Miniato. Girls, boys, teachers and local authorities meet to tell their experience. You can follow the live streaming of the event here.

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Adjacent Government publishes the article on GIOCONDA

Adjacent Government is an international magazine produced in the UK that collects contributions from the Commission, Ministries and European Universities on energy, health and healthcare, infrastructure, environment and economy policies. It highlights topical news, analysis and ongoing projects targeted at policy makers, researchers, and opinion leaders.   In the second issue of August 2016, Adjacent Continua a leggere…


Ferrara: a daily recommendation takes away the pollution

The course of GIOCONDA in Ferrara ended. Girls and boys from the De Pisis secondary school (section of Porotto, 2 and 3M), ITI Copernico Carpeggiani (2I and 1H) and ITAS F.lli Navarra (2AM and 2BM) presented their recommendations to city administrators and to make Ferrara a healthier city.   Very important is the contribution of Continua a leggere…

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Second press conference. The voices of GIOCONDA from Taranto

On the occasion of the presentation of recommendations on the environment and health in Taranto, next Friday, February 12th, the second press conference of the GIOCONDA project will be held. An opportunity to make a point on what has been done so far to reach the ambitious goals of the project: to create an effective Continua a leggere…


Risk perception in young people

The girls and boys of GIOCONDA, the partners, the educators and the technicians describe the different phases of the project. Here you can find more information on the questionnaires filled out by the boys and girls.  


GIOCONDA returns to Ferrara: the Mayor’s reply

Last year, instead of the letter to Santa Claus, a group of children had sent a request for a cleaner environment to the Mayor of their city, Ferrara. The letter was the result of the GIOCONDA Theater Laboratory, then brought to the scene by fourth-grade children of A. Manzoni primary school (now all in fifth!) Continua a leggere…